Sattu ka sharbat

Sattu is roasted black chana which is grinded with the black skin itself. A very healthy powder with which one can make stuffed parathas or kachoris as well.sattu sharbat prevents us from heat wave and its a complete nutrition to the body.Especially consumed by Biharis and North Indian. Sattu ka aatta is available in every Indian grocery shop or the flour mill.Do try this recipe in summer’s or if you are running short of time just mix sattu ka aatta in water with the given ingredients and consume you will stay full for the day.

Lets get the recipe

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  • 1 tablespoon sattu
  • 1/4 tablespoon kala namak
  • Pinch of jeera powder
  • 1 glass water
  • Ice cubes


  • Take a glass add sattu flour and few drops of water,make a nice paste without any lumps
  • When the mixture is done,add in kala namak and jeera powder, mix it
  • Pour water in glass and ice cubes
  • Mix it and its ready to drink
  • Sattu ka sharbat is ready
  • Happy Summer!

Saunf sharbat/Fennel seeds drink

Many a times we run for every thing packed or instant, don’t even take effort to do home made stuff. In this generation even we mother’s are to blame at times this is not for the working ladies or any one general, just that a little effort by us can make a lot of difference with our families health. Healthy and quick summer drink that can be stored in refrigerator and served as needed.Its in my family itself that non of the ladies are working and they are so lazy in doing anything out of the box,in regular work they are complete expert,enough of all this.Did you know that during the heat waves or looh saunf drink saves us from heat stroke. Saunf are cooling for the body inside and a super easy drink to be prepared in the house with only 3 ingredients.

Let’s get the recipe now

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  • 4 tablespoon saunf/fennel seeds
  • 2 glass water
  • 10 tablespoon sugar
  • Elaichi or saffron optional


  • Take water in a bowl add in the saunf/fennel seeds and boil it for 15 minutes
  • After 15 minutes off the flame
  • Add in elaichi powder or kesar/ saffron whichever you are using
  • Add the sugar
  • Mix it
  • Let it cool completely

  • Strain the mixture
  • Remove the fennel seeds and put in a blender and blend it finely
  • Strain the pulp in the mixture with adding little water
  • By doing this we get a strong flavour of fennel seeds
  • This mixture is concentrated
  • While serving add half glass mixture and half chilled water with ice cubes
  • Ratio can vary according to your taste and sweetness
  • Saunf ka sharbat is ready
  • Serve them chilled

If you think of adding pudina or lemon the taste and aroma of fennel seeds will be over powered by mint and lemon juice and the exact taste won’t come, so do not add this.

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