Mango Frooti/How to make mango frooti

Mango frooti is every one’s favourite, I remember while travelling in summer’s the first think we as kids would ask our dad on any station was mango frooti,and that one bottle was shared by all in the compartment and the last one to drink would wait for the last drop of frooti😂.Mango frooti means childhood memories,family time.Very recently I came to know that frooti can be made in the house as well,and as you know what better than home made stuff.

By drinking this frooti you won’t miss the taste of store brought one,trust me for this,give it a try and the best drink for your loved one’s this husband’s favourite one aswell❤

So without saying much lets get the recipe

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  • 3 to 4 mangoes (baigan phali)
  • 3 raw mango
  • 1/2 kg sugar or as per taste
  • Water


  • Peel and cut mangoes both
  • Take a kadhai add in chopped mangoes 3 cups water and sugar
  • Boil it for 10 minutes or till when you notice mangoes turning soft

  • Off the flame, cool completely
  • Blend it to a fine paste in blender without water
  • Remove and strain

  • Pour in water that was remaining in the mango and if required more
  • Consistency of frooti depends on you adjust water according to your wish

  • Take a taste of the mixture and adjust sugar
  • Strain and store it a bottle and chill

  • Serve them when required by adding water and ice cubes
  • Mango frooti is ready and the taste is exactly like the store brought one’s.

Note-Mango used here is baigan phali which is easily available in the market’s, exact taste of frooti can be acquired only by baigan phali mangoes if you use other mangoes the taste will differ completely.


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