Aam panna/raw mango drink

Summer’s are the time when one has to keep the body cool to beat the heat Aam (raw mangos) are the best fruit to have as a drink.This drink keeps one safe from heat waves .Mostly people have to travel during the day ,as my husband himself leaves home for his shifts during the noon time,so to keep him hydrated and safe the heat wave (looh)I make him drink aam panna to keep him fresh and cool.A simple drink easily can be made at home much better…lets start the recipe



4 raw mangoes (boiled)

1/2 cup Pudina leaves (mint)

2 tablespoons roasted cumin powder (jeera)

4 tablespoons black salt (kala namak)

4 tablespoons of sugar



Firstly boil the mangoes and let them cool down

Once they have cooled peel and remove the pulp of the mango with spoon or hand

Pour the pulp in a blender with Salt,sugar,cumin powder and pudina leaves

Blend it into a nice mix

Remove and store it in a bottle

This is completely concentrated, so while serving the drink add chilled water to 1/3 of aam panna in a glass

You can adjust salt and sugar as per your taste

In my house every one likes it a bit thick

You can add water as required

This can be stored in fridge for a month


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