Preserving green peas(matar)

Belonging to a dry region (Vidharbha) Nagpur we don’t get green peas all seasons,like other cities,being everyone’s favourite I had to keep buying the frozen one from the stores which are not healthy as they added colour and harmful chemicals to it,so why buy them when it can be preserved with out much hard work.This method I have been using for 5 years now,and it has been successfully done.

Buying a good quality green peas is also important as they affect the while buying do keep in mind to buy the green ones not yellowish,which are not sweet in taste.


Now this is how the green peas should be.Shell and wash the green peas.Before starting with the process keep in mind to freeze cold water and store(ice-cold)


In a huge pan boil water,once it starts boiling add the green peas into it,boil the green peas for 2 minutes  (remember dont over cook it,,2 minutes means 2 minutes only)

While the green peas is boiling get the ice-cold water out of the freezer pour it into another pan in which the green peas don’t over crowd.

Strain the green peas from the boiling water and directly put them in ice-cold water for another 2 minutes.20180112_104400.jpgBy adding the green peas in ice-cold water the cooking process stops and the colour is also retained,once the water is drained pack them in a zip lock bag and freeze them in the freezer.Enjoy it the whole year.20180112_110825.jpg


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